20 setembro, 2011

Diablo 3 Beta: Crackeado!!

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Demorou mas ja esta pronto pessoal. Agora é só seguir as instuções e detonar no Diablo 3 Beta.Tutorial em Inglês.

Diablo 3 Sandbox - Login & Character Creation screen

1 ) Go to your Diablo 3 folder
2 ) Copy the Diablo III.exe and make a shortcut
3 ) Right click and choose properties
4 ) In the end of location add the following line (after quotes):

-launch -auroraaddress
It should look something like this now:
X:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III Beta\Diablo III.exe" -launch -auroraaddress
(depends on the location of your installation, could be on different hard drive in a different folder)

5 ) Download this sandbox made by D3Sharp : d3sharp's sandbox (password: ownedcore)
6 ) Extract the rar with either 7-zip or WinRar (or whatever is your choice)
7 ) Run D3Sharp.exe
8 ) Start Diablo 3 from the shortcut your previously made
9 ) Login with e.g. the following account credentials:
Battle.net Account Name: Xel@Xel.Xel
Password: Xel
(any username/password combination should work).


PS: You might need to try the login out more than once before you succeed. Be patient!
PSS: This is not even close to a finished sandbox. Do not blame me when your character doesn't get created.


3 Comentários:

Anônimo disse...

isso funciona mesmo? alguem testou?

Anônimo disse...

isso funciona mesmo?
alguem testou?

Erik Schirato disse...

Até quando o Beta estava em ação sim. Mas agora que ele vai ser desativado, será mais difícil.

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